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The first attempt to limit the proliferation of the Atomic Bomb 1946 - With an inscription by the Navigator who dropped the first Atomic Bomb on prevention of atomic bomb manufacturing

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Atomic Bomb Van Kirk

"The International Control of Atomic Energy: Scientific Information Transmitted to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission June 14, 1946- October 14, 1946." Book Prepared by The Department of State, 6 x 9", 195, pages, soft cover. Inscribed and annotated inside by by Navigator Theodore Van Kirk who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Van Kirk writes in his hand on the title page: " As stated on p. 164, The best control measure for the prevention of atomic bomb manufacture are those intended to prevent the accumulation of the essential fissionable materials. Theodore Van Kirk - Navigator - Enola Gay 6 Aug. 1945" This was one of the first official reports to the U. N on controlling the proliferation of the A Bomb. Unfortunately for all of us an unsuccessful attempt. A historic association by someone who witnessed the first atomic explosion.

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