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Erin Brockovich- Ed's ( ALBERT FINNEY) Masry & Vititoe Law OFFICE ITEMS as seen in many scenes of the film

Category: Hollywood
Item Number: 9757
Price: $200

Film Prop Brockovich

Based on the true story of a low-level secretary without a law degree, who takes it upon herself to fight powerful corporate forces. Brockovich working for Ed at Masry & Vititoe Law firm , tracks a case of water poisoning created by PG&E and champions it all the way up the judicial ladder--Offered here are Ed's ( ALBERT FINNEY) Masry & Vititoe OFFICE ITEMS as seen in many scenes of the film where Brockovich helps Ed in this office. Included are Wall decoration of Ed office (brown wooden frame) and Masry & Vititoe Binding Arbitration contracts against Pacific Gas and Electric Company...". Many scenes show her convincing clients to sign up with her firm of Masry & Vititoe, And then in the later part many scenes show her go bak to many of them and have each one sign the arbitration contract we are offering here. Comes with a signed Certificate from Universal Pictures.

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