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ERIN BROCKOVICH (Julia Roberts) Legal Paperwork

Category: Hollywood
Item Number: 9756
Price: $300

Film Prop Brockovich

BROCKOVICH, a low-level secretary rallies over 600 plaintiffs and is helps them win the largest class-action suit in America. Offered here are Julia Roberts Legal PAPERWORK. Lot of two contracts: First contract, 6 pages "Attorney - Client Retainer Agreement (Contingency Fee)...hereby employs and retains Masry & represent him/her/them in enforcing his/her/their claims for personal injuries and related causes of action against Pacific Gas and Electric Company...". Second contract, 4 pages, "Client's Advisement & Information Consent to Binding Arbitration". Many scenes show her convincing clients to sign up with her firm of Masry & Vititoe, And then in the later part many scenes show her go back to many of them and have each one sign the arbitration contract we are offering here.

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