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Erin Brockovich - Julia ROBERTS - Plant photos Used in the main legal strategy scenes

Category: Hollywood
Item Number: 9738
Price: $220

Film Prop Brockovich

Based on the true story of a low-level secretary without a law degree, who takes it upon herself to fight powerful corporate forces. Brockovich tracks a case of water poisoning created by PG&E and champions it all the way up the judicial ladder--Offered here are photos of the PG&E utility plant that Erin Brockovich and Ed used in the scene when they were developing the legal strategies, the photos are on the wall and Julia points to them as she explains to Ed (Al Finney) PG&E 's procedures that led to the water contamination. Five photos depict the PG & E utility plants from different angles. Also comes with a brochure of legal facts pertaining to exposure to Chromium VI. These photos were used in one of the climatic scenes in the movie, where it all comes together.

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