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Hemingway Writes About Hunting, and Three of his Most Famous Short Stories from In Our Time: " Dr. and Drs. Wife", "Indian Camp" and "A way you'll never be"

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Ernest Hemingway

American Author. Among his works are "A Farewell To Arms", "For Whom The Bell Tolls", and "The Old Man & The Sea". Awarded the Nobel Prize in 1954. Handwritten Autograph Letter (unsigned) mentioning hunting, his biographer, a movie deal and most importantly 3 of his most famous short stories from his book In Our Time: " Dr. and Drs. wife " "Indian Camp" "A way you'll never be " Written in ink, one page, 8" x 5". Hemingway writes in his hand "10501 20th Century Fox Robert Goldstein - Ten figures to use Now I Lay Me In Another Country Money spread over 3 years percentage " Then Hemingway lists 3 of his most famous short stories from his Nick Adams series that were autobiographical, the first one about his father and mother , he writes: " Dr. and Drs. wife " "Indian Camp" "A way you'll never be " Seven years lease 300 over 3 years will cable to will cable Suecea Wed. 20th Century check to - Hotch [Hemingway's close friend and biographer A.E. Hotchner] will cable check -" In the last part Hemingway writes about hunting seasons he needs to plan " Oct. 11th ducks opens - Oct. 25th pheasants". Comes with copies of that cable too. A true First Edition of "In Our Time", not even signed by Hemingway would now cost you over $50,000. This handwritten note regarding "In Our Time" is a true find. In excellent condition.

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