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Archive of 42 "Victory" V-mail letters from World War II

Category: World War II
Item Number: 9008
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V-mail Word War II

During WW II, V-mail system was adopted by the US Post Office in 1942 to save space. The weight of 150,000 letters was reduced from 2,575 pounds to a mere 45. V-mail consisted of miniaturized messages reproduced by microphotography. Individual facsimiles were reproduced in the States and then delivered to the addressee. Lot of 42 War & Navy V-Mail from WW II from one officer to his family. All dated between 1943 and 1945, each about 4 x 5", These 42 letters are from Capt. W.H. Minnich in original transmittal envelope with post marked date. Mostly personal correspondence to family but some interesting comments: dated May 21, 1945 "..All I want now is for the war to end and then an early return home. I hope to do that in another year, after all these Germans and Japs can't fight forever.."

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