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Two Fitz Porters ALS

Category: Civil War
Item Number: 8118
Price: $295

Fitz John Porter

Union major general who fought at Antietam and Second Bull Run. He was later accused by Pope for "disobedience and disloyalty" and relieved. Good grouping of two Handwritten Autograph Letters Signed, octavo, New York, 1869-1893, to fellow Gen. Henry L. Abbot, some with excellent content, in part: "Graydon is finishing his efforts to raise companies on his guns - his shells & his fuses...Please tell me...if you consider Lieut. Graydon's system of torpedo defense - with wire cable, anchors, steam boilers & engines & c practicable and likely to lead to any application..." Comes with an ALS, 3 pages, octavo, 1892 from his daughter requesting an autograph. 3 items, overall in very good condition.

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