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Westmoreland - "The President [said] he would not geographically broaden the war ...That gave the enemy a sanctuary"

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William Westmoreland

U.S. General. Head of all US Forces during the Vietnam War. Great content. Headed: "Gen. William Westmoreland - Commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam - CNN Interview." In part: "We had in fact replaced the French in that regard -- and we had advisers down to battalion level within the Vietnamese military structure. The problem at that time was not an invasion of the area by the North Vietnamese, but it was the erosion of the effectiveness of government brought about by the so-called "VC" -- the Viet Cong. It was not open warfare ... At the outset, the President made the statement that he would not geographically broaden the war, and that meant that military actions were confined to the territory of South Vietnam. The enemy was not operating under such restraints,...That gave the enemy a sanctuary... We were winning on the battlefield, but whether we were winning strategically is another matter..." Signed in black ink " W. Westmoreland". Great content and In excellent condition.

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