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President Ford Speech Pardoning Richard Nixon- Signed Typescript

Category: Presidents
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Gerald Ford

38th US President. Souvenir Copy of Ford's famous pardon of Nixon, 1 page, Headed: "President Gerald Ford Speech Pardoning Richard Nixon" . In part: " I deeply believe in equal justice for all Americans, whatever their station or former station. The law, whether human or divine, is no respecter of persons; but the law is a respecter of reality. ..As President, my primary concern must always be the greatest good of all the people of the United States whose servant I am. .. My conscience tells me clearly and certainly that I cannot prolong the bad dreams that continue to reopen a chapter that is closed. My conscience tells me that only I, as President, have the constitutional power to firmly shut and seal this book...Now, therefore, I, Gerald R. Ford, President of the United States, pursuant to the pardon power conferred upon me by Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, have granted and by these presents do grant a full, free, and absolute pardon unto Richard Nixon for all offenses against the United States...September 8, 1974 " Signed in blue ink "G. R. F" With this declaration, Watergate was officially over. In excellent condition.

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