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Moonwalker Bean Autograph Letter Signed

Category: Aviation
Item Number: 3899
Price: $225

Alan Bean

Moonwalker. Bean, the fourth man to walk on the moon, is also an artist. Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed on personal "Alan Bean" letterhead, depicting a small image on an astronaut on the moon, in the right hand corner. 1p, May 26, 1984. Entirely in his own hand, Bean writes, in part, "I own the copyrights for all my paintings so we could pick one that could be the most apropos for what you need. Be good to yourself. Alan." Along the bottom of the page it reads, "The fourth man to walk on the moon and the first artist in all of Art History to explore another world, return to earth, and paint what he experience there. ." In excellent condition.

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