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Whistler Signed Photo of "Blue and Silver: The Blue Wave, Biarritz"

Category: Art
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James Whistler

Famed 19th century British artist. Signed Albumen Photo of Whistler's classic work from 1862, "Blue and Silver: The Blue Wave, Biarritz." Signed on the mount with Whistler's famous "butterfly" signature. "Blue and Silver: The Blue Wave, Biarritz" is a fine example of Whistler's straightforward landscape painting, capturing the moody ocean waves with realism. His philosophy for art was "art for art's sake," and he was averse to moral allusion and sentimentality in his paintings. From the private collection of artist Chancery Ryder. Image is affixed to an ecru mounting and measures approximately 14x11". In frame, the overall size is approximately 24x21". In very good condition.

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