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Isabella, Queen of Castille Document Signed During Christopher Columbus's Final Voyage to the Americas

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Queen Isabella

Queen of Castile 1474-1504 and a Catholic Monarch who ruled jointly with her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon. 1 page Document Signed "Yo La Reina," folio. Writing to the Kingdom's Treasury Office in Spanish, Queen Isabella directs her Treasury to officially register annual payments of six thousand maravedis apiece to brothers Anton and Gonzalo Galindo, residents of Caceres. Notably, the letter is dated 4 March 1503, during Christopher Columbus' final voyage to the Americas. Upon his return to Spain, Columbus would never again travel to the lands of his discovery. 11 years prior to this letter, in the infamous year of 1492, Queen Isabella made her most lasting decision as monarch by sponsoring Christopher Columbus's expedition, which intended to find trade routes to the Indies. While he did not discover a route to Asia, he did aide Spain in exploring and claiming portions of the Americas, called the "New World." His four voyages, funded by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, marked the beginning of the European exploration and colonization of the American continents, and are thus of enormous significance in Western history. Despite this, Queen Isabella ultimately cut ties with Columbus, imprisoning him and stripping him of his governorship because Columbus' personal economic interest in obtaining "as many slaves as could be sold…" ran counter to her ethics and politics. Queen Isabella decreed that all people of the New World could not be enslaved. On this date, Columbus and his crew were exploring Panama and establishing a garrison that gave Spain a foothold in the region. Measures approximately 8.5x12".With a hole corresponding to the seal space no longer existing, not affecting the text or signature. Written in another hand beneath the Queen´s signature `By the Queen´s mandate´. With borders irregularly trimmed, and a very small tear to the edge. Very good condition.

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