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"Persicum Regnum" Map of Persia, labeling the Gulf as "Sinus Arabicus" 1625

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Jocodus Hondius

Antique map "Persicum Regnum" by Hondius, London, circa 1625. This bold, simple map gives us the representation of Persia but unlike most maps of the last 500 years the Gulf region is not named "Sinus Persicus" but is titled "Sinus Arabicus," or Arabian Channel. This makes this map a scarce find. The Strait of Ormus is also identified. As is expected for such an early map the peninsula of Qatar is missing. and the Caspian Sea has a horizontal shap. The map is printed on a page with English text. Text also on verso. Title and scale displayed in decorative cartouches. Map measures 5.75" x 7". Page measures 12.75" x 8". In very good condition.

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