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Engraving of Four Middle Eastern Stallion Horses

Category: Art
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Horse Engraving

Antique engraving of four horses from "Westasiatische Thiere" (West Asian Animals), printed in Prague in 1810. The engraving has two images, both illustrating horses. The top engraving depicts a Middle Eastern man wearing a turban handling the reins of two lively black and white Arabian horses that prance under the label "Das Arabische Pferd" (The Arabian Horse). In the bottom image, another man in a turban and boots leads a pair of strong dappled Turkish horses labeled "Das Turkische Pferd" (The Turkish Horse). All of the horses are beautiful intact stallions that symbolize the virility, strength, and spirit of their regions. Plate is approximately 7"x10". An attractive piece for any horse enthusiast. In very good condition.

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