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Set of 2 Large Photos Depicting Desert Life in Aden in the Arabian Penninsula circa 1870

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Aden Yemen

Set of two large vintage albumen prints in sepia tone depicting life in the desert landscape of Aden c. 1870, now Yemen. Both photos depict the rugged landscape and village life typical in this region of the Arabian Penninsula. The first image foreground presents Arab men gathering with their camels around a well in the foreground, while a carriage and horse wait at a bridge in the background. The reservoir of Attawila, which dominates the image, had been designed in medieval times to capture rain water during flash floods for drinking; while the resevoir fell out of use in the 16th century, the British revived their function in the 19th century. Today the monuments draw tourist attention. The second image shows travelers in motion on a dirt road leading to the city walls, set between the precipices of Aden. Defensive ramparts traverse the mountain top. The first image measures approximately 8"x11" and is mounted on a photographer's matt with labels " Aden B.F.R. Rives." The second image measures approximately 7"x10" mounted on blue photographer's matt with label "Aden.- Route conduisant a la ville arabe d' Aden.-" Both overall in very good condition.

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