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Rare Early Lithographic Qajar Newspaper

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Very Rare, early lithographic printed Qajar Newspaper, Urduye Humayun, Number 6 issued on 23 Ramazan AH 1300 (1882). The newspaper is regarding the Qajar ruler Naser Al-Din Shah's trips in the country. 4 complete pages, approximately 13"x 8.6" in size. The first newspaper ever printed in Tehran was published in 1837, with only three issues printed from May-August 1837. The first lithographic book to be published in Tehran was in 1838. However, as one observer to Tehran reported in 1843, the lithographic press in Tehran "remained mainly idle". (Berezin, p. 248). In the latter part of the 1840s, the State Printing House began its work; and was operative until the end of the first decade of the 20th century. As of February 1851, the first Persian regular official newspaper was printed there. Early into the 20th century the lithographic press was being forced out by typeset printings and from 1911-on the official newspapers in Iran was printed typographically. (Encycolpaedia Iranica, online ed) Our Qajar newspaper from 1882 is a rare example of the very early lithographic printing to take place in Iran before the switch to typographical printing. Small paper loss to top right corner of margin, does not affect the text. Overall in very good condition.

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