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Grammatica Arabica, "A Linguistic and Pedagogic Monument," 1656

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ERPENIUS, THOMAS. Arabicæ Lingvæ Tyrocinium. Id est Grammatica Arabica; cum varia Praxios Materia, cujus elenchum versa dalit pagella (and with separate pagination: Fabulæ Locmani Sapientis etv. etv.). Lugduni Batavorum (Leiden): Johann Mayor, 1656. 4to. Engraved title vignette. (12),172, 282 pp. Expertly rebound. New edition, after the original was published in 1613, enhanced with many texts of the Qur'an and Arabic poets previously unknown in Europe. Erpenius' Grammatica "still stands as a linguistic and pedagogic monument, which dominated the world of Arabic learning in Europe until the nineteenth century." (Vrolijk 297) Erpenius was a famous and celebrated Dutch Orientalist of his time, he published many Eastern grammars and was holder of the chair of Arabic and Oriental languages at the University of Leiden from 1613 to 1624. A tear in titles right margin (no loss of letters). Last part with annotations in old hand. Occasionally brownspotted. Overall in good condition.

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