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Very Large Louis Pasteur Inscribed Portrait

Category: Science
Item Number: 14637
Price: $3,500

Louis Pasteur

French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur Inscribed Portrait Signed. Measuring 8.75" x 11.75",1886 portrait bust by Legamey. Below the image is a facsimile signature. Pasteur has then added in his hand an inscription: "Souvenir of May 11, 1886, to Mr. Maurice Vallery-Radot / [signed] L. Pasteur." Vallery-Radot could be the brother of Pasteur's son-in-law, René Vallery-Radot, who married his daughter Marie-Louise in 1879 and published an important biography of Pasteur in 1884. One year earlier, Pasteur had successfully treated a young boy with his new rabies vaccine. Pasteur is rare in signed large portraits like this example.

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