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Medina and Mecca Antique Engravings, Printed 1847

Category: Art
Item Number: 14623
Price: $450


A set of original steel engravings of Medina and Mecca titled: "Medina et Sepulcre fu Prophete," & "Temple de la Mecque," from Picturesque Universe published by Firmin Didot, in 1847. Overall size: 5" x 8.2." The first image captures a view from the hilltop looking out on Medina. In the center of the engraving sits a strikingly detailed view of Medina with 4 travelers approaching the city, some riding on camels over a mountain road. The second engraving captures the very detailed architectural design and layout of the Temple of Mecca, including the Kaaba and surrounding buildings. In the background are outlines of the surrounding city First image missing bottom right corner. Overall both in very good condition.

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