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Orville Wright Typed Letter Signed discussing "Soaring Flight"

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Orville Wright

U.S. Aviation Pioneer. The Wright brothers designed and built the first successful motor-powered airplane and on Dec. 17, 1903 Orville became the pilot of man's first flight at Kitty Hawk. Typed letter signed "Orville Wright", 1 page 7 x 10 in., on "Orville Wright, Dayton, Ohio" stationery, 7 October 1922, to Canadian aviator Richard R. Blythe (1894-1941). Wright writes in full: "Your letter enclosing a clipping of your article in the New York Tribune on sky sailing is received. I understand there are several projects on foot in America to encourage experiments in soaring flight. I am so strongly of the opinion that soaring flight is possible only in ascending trends of air that I do not expect any new type of machine to be developed from experiments along this line. However, this kind of flight does furnish a very good sport, as well as good training to those who engage in it, and for these reasons is to be encouraged. Thanking you for your letter, I am Sincerely yours, Orville Wright" Orville writes to Canadian-born Richard Reginald "Dick" Blythe, who was one of the founding members of the secret club for male pilots, the Quiet Birdmen. Blythe in 1921, he took part in the first complete aerial circumnavigation of the Great Lakes. In the early 1920s. In May, 1927, while representing aircraft manufacturer Wright Aeronautical. A great letter where Orville Wright is discussing flight and a superb association piece with excellent aviation-related content. Usual mailing folds, mounting remnants on verso. Overall in very good condition.

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