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Persian Royal Officer and Noble Woman, Set of Antique Costume Engravings From 1864

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[Persian Costumes]

Two original antique steel costume engravings of a Persian Royal Officer and Noble woman, printed in 1864. Overall size: 9" x 12.5." The plate illustrations are brightly colored and intricately detailed characterization of the traditional costumes of a Persian Royal Officer and Noble woman. In the engraving of the Royal Officer, titled "Khatchadour D'hohannes: Officier du Prince Royal de Perse," his attire entails a vibrant green coat with gold trimmings, which covers a gold-colored ensemble, with a purple sash that stores his dagger. In the engraving of the Persian Woman, titled "Dame Persane," she is depicted in traditional costume as imagined by Europeans in the 1800's. The woman is shown leaning against a banister, wearing an embroidered white satin gown with a pink silk and fur trimmed coat and a feathered headdress. General age related toning. Overall both prints are in very good condition.

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