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A Captivating Account of The Hejaz

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Eldon Rutter

RUTTER, Eldon. The Hejaz. (The Geographical Journal. Vol. LXXVII. No. 2.) London: Royal Geographical Society, 1931. 13 pages, including 2 sketch-maps, plus photographic plates. In original blue wrappers as issued. This is a captivating account of the Rutter's expedition in Arabia, namely the Hejaz, at the time a forbidden country to unbelievers, concerning all aspects of the Hejaz, including its geographical features, the territorial disputes and tribal factions, as well as the population that inhabits this spectacular region. Mr. Rutter outlines his pilgrimage, disguised as a Muhammadan pilgrim, through the Hejaz frontier at Halli. An engaging travel account illustrated with a full-page sketch map of the Hejaz showing Mr. Rutter's route to Mecca and Medina, an in-text sketch diagram depicting his route from Mecca to At Taif, and several amazing photographic plates showing the Kaaba (the House of Allah), the Great Mosque of Mecca, the Prophet's tomb, at Medina, and Bab es Salaam in the Mosque of Medina. This is a complete issue containing all the ads, seldom found in such good and original condition. In very good condition.

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