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Voyage in Persia, 100 Lithos by Flandin

Category: Art
Item Number: 14580
Price: $2,500

Eugene Flandin

FLANDIN, Eugène. Voyage En Perse…Perse Moderne Planches. London: Burness Faridany Limited, 1976. Elephant Folio (17" x 24") With 100 tinted lithographed plates in Perse Moderne and original box. This is a scarce limited edition facsimile set of Flandin's Perse Moderne, which was produced to commemorate the centennial of Flandin's death in 1976. This edition set was limited to only 600 copies. Perse Moderne represents the finest depictions of Qajar Persia in the nineteenth century. In 1840, Eugène Flandin, accompanied by the architect Pascal Coste and attached to a French diplomatic mission to Iran, traveled on behalf of the Paris Académie des Beaux-Arts as head of an archaeological expedition to western and southern Iran. Together they completed hundreds of drawings in their two years of traveling, which portray Iran during the Qajar period. Flandin's expedition to Iran in 1840 "has left us with the finest illustrated record of that country's towns and landscapes as they appeared to an aritist over 100 years ago." (Preface) Included in this set are lithographs depicting many royal mosques and palaces, the city and ports of Teheran, the ruins of Persepolis, the tomb of Saadi, and many more. Few examples of Flandin's work have survived to the present day, making even this facsimile set very rare. The original Perse Modern (1854) was a six volume work and if one can find the original set it sells for around $50,000. In original box and in excellent condition.

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