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Southern Iran in Magic Lantern Slides

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Item Number: 14563
Price: $1,250

[Magic Lantern, Iran]

Collection of 2 Vintage Optical Lantern images of Iran, circa 1900. 3-1/4"x 4." The first photo captures a daily scene in a caravan square of an Iranian village. A crowd of villagers is immersed in the daily business and social routine. Sacks of grain are stacked beside a mud village wall, and people stop to speak to each other. In the background, a wind tower, typical of Yazd region and Southern Iran, rises over the village. In the second image a caravan of camels rests wearing saddles and bridles, having completed the day's journey. The camels rest in the courtyard of an Iranian village with a group of villagers gathered in the background. Scarce and in very good condition.

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