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"A Periplus of the Persian Gulf," Pre-Dating His Book, 1927

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Sir Arnold WILSON

WILSON, Lieut.-Colonel Sir Arnold. A Periplus of the Persian Gulf. London: Royal Geographical Society, 1927. 25 pages, including a full-page sketch map. Plus black and white plates. Original condition with blue wrappers, titles to front. This report pre-dates Wilson's book published in 1928, entitled The Persian Gulf. A most incredible report on the ancient commerce of Persia, that shaped to a large extent the state of affairs in the Middle East region. This is a fascinating and comprehensive historical report on the Persian Gulf, dealing with the early records of commerce dating back to 2000 BC, the important sheltered port of Sur, Albuquerque's control over the Portuguese, etc. Wilson gives us a compelling geographical and historical overview of civilian life, Bahrain and the pearling industry, and the Islamic religion in a time of British presence and much change in Iraq. The author spent almost 18 years in the Persian Gulf and was one of the most important British civil servants in the Middle East. Wilson's rule, however, helped set the stage for Great Arab Revolt in 1920. Because of the major economic investments, British war-time policy in Iraq was very different from western Arabia where they overtly encouraged and aided the Arab Revolt. The British managed to suppress the revolt at great expense. Wilson was later replaced by Sir Percy Cox who was sympathetic to Arab aspirations. This is a complete issue, containing all the ads and seldom found in such good and original condition. Comes with a copy of his book, The Persian Gulf. In very good condition.

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