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Bedouin Horsemen Charging with Swords Drawn, Albumen circa 1880

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Item Number: 14537
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[Bedouin Warriors]

A Vintage Albumen photograph of Bedouin Warriors charging with swords drawn, circa 1880. Image size: 7" x 9." In this dramatic photo a dozen Bedouin horsemen with swords drawn are charging in full gallop through the barren desert sands. This image beyond any other early photo we have seen captures the spirit of the Bedouin warrior on his horse. The Bedouin cavalry with its speed and expert maneuvering was the pivotal force in most of the important historical events in the Arabian desert. A few Bedouin tents next to a lone palm tree stand in the background. On the horizon we make out the faint outline of mountains. It is very rare to find a photo that captures a scene of Bedouin warriors in the midst of a mounted charge from this early period, as the 19th century technology in photography was not designed to produce action shots of any sort and therefore photographers rarely attempted to do so. The most powerful image of Bedouin charge we have seen. In very good condition.

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