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Vintage Photochrome of a Persian Family in Teheran, Circa 1904

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[Persian Family]

Vintage original photochrome print of a Persian Family from Teheran, published circa 1904. Size: 6.7" x 8.6." This richly colored image shows a Persian family with mother and grandmother, in the home watching over two children. The mother is dressed in traditional Persian attire with chemise of rich red fabric and a bell-shaped skirt in colors of teal and gold. On her head she wears a shear green veil. She stands upon a rug barefoot, rocking a sleeping infant in a carpeted hammock while her young son appears curled up and resting on a rug with pillows. The elder woman, the grandmother, is wearing a wrap with a chemise of similar rich red and green fabric sitting on the floor attending to a mixture of some kind with a fan in her hand. A woman's slippers lay next to her. In the background we can see vibrant tapestries, Persian rugs, traditionalwindowpanes and the brick walls. Photochrome was a 19th century color process. The initials "P.Z." indicate that the print was produced by Photoglob Z├╝rich, the first Photochrome company in the world. In Excellent Condition.

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