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The Arabian Desert in the 1920's

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Arabian Desert

A collection of 3 original photos of Bedouins in the Arabian desert in the 1920's. 5.5" x 3.5" Rev. George W. Breaden undertook a trip into Hedjaz via Ma'an and Akaba for the purpose of investigating the feasibility of opening up missionary and educational work in the Arabian Peninsula. He was subsequently arrested, and sent out of the country from Jeddah. The first photo captures life in the desert under the shelter of a tent with a Bedouin family. The second photo shows a group of Bedouin men next to a 1920's car in the desert. In the final photo Breaden and a Bedouin are astride on camels in the desert. 2 photos missing one corner, notations on verso. Overall in good condition.

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