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A. Ortelius Map of Arabia Circa 1609

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Abraham Ortelius

ORTELIUS, Abraham. Turcici Imperii Descriptio. Double-page engraved map, 18x22", wide margins, Latin text on verso; hand-colored with oxidation of verdigris pigment. Notably, this map labels the Gulf as "Mare Elcatif" in the northern sector and "Sinus Persicus" to the south. While maps frequently designate the Gulf as "Sinus Persicus" during the period, "Mare Elcatif" is more rare and draws its name from the Elcatif desert region lying just inland and south of Qatar. Four ships sail the seas throughout the map and a beautiful illustration of two cherubs and two sirens is engraved in the bottom left corner with the words "Turcici Imperii Descriptio. Moderate toning, remnants of canvas tabs on upper corners verso. Van den Broecke 169. [Antwerp, circa 1609]

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