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1598 Map of Arabia from the Foremost Geographic Work of the 16th Century

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Sebastian Munster

Original Engraved Map of Arabia, Syria, and Mesopotamia by Sebastian Münster published in Cosmographia, in 1598. 16" x 13." A bold engraved map depicting Syria, Mesoptamia, and Arabia as they appeared in the late 16th century to cartographers. In the bottom center of the map appears Arabia, Arabia Deserta, and Arabia Felix. This map displays an incredible amount of detail, including rivers and lakes, mountains, and over 150 city names. Such extensive detail is unusual compared with other maps of the region and time period. However, as usual for this time period, the Island of Bahrain and the Peninsula of Qatar are entirely absent. The Cosmographia by Sebastian Münster, originally published in 1544, is the earliest German description of the world. It was one of the most successful and popular books of the 16th century, due to the notable woodcut illustrations and maps. It was most important in reviving geography in 16th-century Europe. This artistically rendered map of Arabia from the Cosmographia is published in the original German, with sweeping calligraphic writing. General age related toning with two small wormholes inside map-area, which do not take away from the attractiveness of the map. Original binding centerfold. Overall in very good condition.

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