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Two prints of Persian Nobleman and a Woman From 1843

Category: Art
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Persian Costume

Wahlen, Auguste. 'Moeurs, Usages Et Costumes De Tous Les Peuples Du Monde ..' Published in Brussels, 1843. 6.7 x 10.4 inches & 8.9 x 5.9 inches. Plates are lithographs on a vellum type paper with original hand coloring heightened with gum Arabic. Two original antique prints from 'Moeurs, Usages Et Costumes De Tous Les Peuples Du Monde' by Auguste Wahlen. The plate illustrations are brightly colored and intricately detailed characterization of the traditional costumes of a Persian Nobleman and woman. The Persian nobleman's costume entails a vibrant red fur-lined coat, which covers a gold-colored ensemble, topped off with a matching fur hat. The text accompanying the illustration is in Dutch, roughly translating to "Persian noble from the state". The Persian Woman is depicted in tradition costume as imagined by Europeans in the 1800's. The woman is shown reclining on a bed of patterned cushions, holding a hookah in her right hand. She is captured in a rich red-colored pant, a green and white striped top with gold-colored embroidery and an embellished royal blue hat to compliment the coat of the same color. The text below reads: "Dama Persa - Asia" (Persian Lady - Asia). Both prints are in good condition and very decorative.

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