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Original Engraving Depicting Life in Persia in the 1800's, Published in 1851

Category: Art
Item Number: 14408
Price: $550

[Persian Wedding]

Beautiful original Persian engraving with five scenes of cultural and historical importance. Page is 11.75" by 9.5." Image size is 10" by 8." Engraving by Henry Winkles. Published in 1851 in New York and Germany. An intricate image depicting unique and dramatic aspects of Persian life in the 18th and 19th century, presented in five panels on one lage page. The first image depicts a veiled bride riding a horse to meet her betrothed. The second image depicts a Persian woman traveling in a caravan supported by two horses. The third image shows a group of musicians playing wind and percussive intruments in a courtyard. The fourth image is of six men feasting on a decorative carpet. The fifth image depicts a war scene; one horseman aims his rifle at an awother warrier with a raised spear. The other half of the fith image shows a man who is beeing punished for his deeds with blows to his feet. Beautifully engraved with a rich contrast between light and dark. In very good condition. Scarce.

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