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Original etching of a Royal Persian Court Trial by de Hooghe, Published in 1682

Category: Art
Item Number: 14400
Price: $1,580

de Hooghe

Original etching of the King of Persia and his Court printed in 1682. On a verge type handlaid watermarked paper. This scarce etching originates from: 'Curieuse aenmerckingen der bysonderste Oost en West-Indische verwonderens-waerdige dingen;...' by S. de Vries, published in Utrecht, Holland by J. Ribbius, 1682. This elaborate etching depicts a powerful Persian King at the top of an elaborate carpeted throne, surrounded by his court and his judges, punishing a Governor who is held down on his knees by another courtier. We also see a palce with guards in tunic and turbans through one of the windows. Most of the judges wear turbans and native clothing, but interestingly a few appear to be wearing top hats. Beautifully detailed image includes discrete numbers within the picture that correspond to a description in old Dutch on top of the page. G Uncut as published. Image is 6" by 7.5." Overall size 8.25" by 6.5." This etching is over 330 years old but still in overall excellent condition. Scarce.

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