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Original Engraving of Arab Costumes, Published in 1748

Category: Art
Item Number: 14371
Price: $425

[Arab people]

Original engraving of Arab Costumes from the 1740s. Published in 1748. This rare engraving is from "Description de lĀ“Univers." By Allain Manesson Mallet. Engraving depicts two men proudly wearing different Arabic costumes with mountains in the background. One wears a buttoned tunic kandura, bisht overcoat, pointed shoes and large turban with a decorative cane and his hand rests in his belt. The other wears a decorative collared kandura, bisht overcoat, pointed shoes and tall hat with long scarf coming from the hat. Decorative banner on top states "Arabes." Overall page size is 10" x 7.25." Image size is 5.5" x 7.5." Overall in very good condition.

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