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Original Engraving of Arabs Traders Traveling by Camel, horse and Oxen, published in 1748

Category: Art
Item Number: 14362
Price: $450

[Arab Engraving]

Original engraving of Arabs traders traveling by camel, horse and oxen. Published in 1748. Engraving is from "Histoire generale des voyages." Illustrated by Bellin. Engraving depicts a group of Arab traders traveling on camels, travel and oxen. All men are wearing turbans and tunics. Text at the bottom reads "Arabes et Mores montes sur leurs Chameaux, leurs Chevaux, et leurs, b├Žufs pour apporter des gommes au Senegal." Some small markings in margin. Overall page size is 10" x 7.25." Image size is 5.5 x 7.5." Overall in very good condition.

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