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Engraving of the Strait of Hormuz, Published in 1747

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[GULF MAP in 1747]

Original engraving titled "Ile Dormus ou de Jerun" (The Strait of Hormuz). Published in 1747. Engraving is from "Histoire generale des voyages." Illustrated by Bellin. On top is the "Cote de Perse." Engraving depicts "Fortresse," "Ile de Kishom ou Quixema," "Entre des Vaisseaux," "Porte de derriere," "Parade Alkoran," "St. Lucia," "Lardimira" with illustrations of ships and fortress. Arab ships on the left and European ships with large masts and multiple sails on the right. Five Arab ships in the foreground. In the foreground representing the Arabian peninsula. The Portuguese explorer, Afonso de Albuquerque, captured the island in 1507 and it became a part of the Portuguese Empire. The Portuguese constructed a fortress on the island, the Fort of Our Lady of the Conception which is represented in this etching. But in 1622 the island was captured from the Portuguese by a combined Anglo-Persian force. The island then became part of Persia and later part of Oman. Paper has been folded three times. Overall page size is 13.5" x 9.5." Image size is 7.5" x 9.75." Overall in very good condition.

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