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Original Engraving of City of Shiraz and the Tomb of the Poet Hafez, Published Circa 1790-1830

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Original Engraving of City of Shiraz in Persia (Iran) and the Tomb of the Poet Hafez along with a two page description of the engravings translated in four languages. Originally published by Friedrich Justin Bertuch. These engravings were a part of a series which appeared in 12 volumes between 1790 and 1830 as monthly installments with the aim to spread the knowledge from many eras and cultures. This illustration depicts two separate images; One is the city of Shiraz nestled by the mountains with camels and travelers in the foreground. The second is the tomb of the poet Hafez with the typical Persian background of tall trees and hills. Image has a few marks and one .25" brown spot. Page is 8.5" x 7.25. The engraving comes with two original sheets of descriptive text, double-sided. The description is in German, French, English and Italian. It describes Persia as one of "the remarkable empires" of Asia. The city of Shiras (the first illustration) is described as "situated in an extensive and beautiful valley; but now-a-days its ancient splendor is greatly gone to decay." The next body of text describes the second illustration, the burial site of the Persian poet, Hafiz, which includes the tombs of Hafiz, two of his disciples and a Prince. Overall in good condition.

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