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Arab Warrior Photograph, Circa 1880

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Item Number: 14348
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Sepia toned albumen photograph of an Arab warrior, 8" x 10" photograph on 13" x 10" original photographer mat. 19th century photograph circa 1880. Image of an Arab warrior proudly astride his horse. Handsomely costumed in a white thawb and a striped keffiyeh kept in place by a decorative agal. He wears a leather strap that holds his rifle and is armed with a khanjar curved knife. The Arabian horse is elegantly dressed in traditional Bedouin riding style with the unique saddle, halter, lead rope, tassled breast collar, stirrups and braided bridle with bit. Also attached to the horse is a canteen decorated with the Islamic crescent symbol and shells. The warrior and his horse gallantly pose in front of a blanket-covered shelter and what appears to be stone ruins. This rare photograph evokes the nobility of the desert Bedouins. "Cairo" printed on mat. Photo is titled "Costumi Arabia - Beduino A Cavallo" by "A. Noack in Genova." In excellent condition.

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