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Edward S. Curtis original 1910 photogravure "Painting Poles-Cheyenne"

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Edward Sheriff Curtis

American Photograph famed for his photographs of Native Americans. Vintage photogravure "Painting Poles--Cheyenne" 1910. Edward Sherrif Curtis began his career in Seattle as a portrait photographer in 1891. His dream, to document in text and photographs every Indian tribe west of the Mississippi, came to fruition throughout a fortunate encounter with a few men devoted to naturalism and ethnography whom he rescued from the peak of Mount Rainier in 1898. His portrait skills came to the attention of Theodore Roosevelt, whose children Curtis had photographed. Roosevelt lent his support to the project by arranging an introduction to a formidable patron, J.P. Morgan and personally authored the foreword to "The North American Indian" text. The project took 16 years longer than first projected exceeding the budget by nearly 1.4 million dollars. Curtis’ lifework was fraught with personal and financial sacrifice, yet it stands as a true labor of love that endures as a legacy to the heritage of the Nation. The set of twenty volumes and accompanying portfolios were illustrated with beautiful gravures. Image date 1910. Image size 7-3/8"x5-1/2". Title, date and photographer's copyright are printed below the image. Mounted to an overall size of 14"x16". Very good condition.

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