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1685 Original Copper Engraving "Peoples of Virginia"

Category: travel
Item Number: 14196
Price: $400


"P.les de Virginie" original copper engraving, Figure 17 taken from "Description de L'Univers" [1685] by Allain Maneson Mallet. Later hand coloring. Attractive illustration of a man and woman in native dress of the Virginias, as they appeared to European explorers of the 17th century. 4.75"x6.75" inches matted to 10"x12" inches. The man wears a flowing dyed and patterned drapery with a blue feather headdress while the woman wears a red drapery around her waste and holds a bouquet of flowers up near her face. Both are adorned with numerous beaded necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. The man reclines on a walking stick in a stance similar to depictions of English gentlemen and the woman stands in a modest classical pose. Their faces both express tranquility. The landscape around the pair is low and sparsely vegetated. Attractively matted and in very good condition.

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