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American Astronomer and Discoverer of the Planet Pluto Handwritten Letter Signed

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Clyde Tombaugh

American Astronomer famous for discovering Pluto in 1930. Handwritten signed letter to Hans Muller on University of New Mexico State University Department of Astronomy letterhead. In this letter, Tombaugh gives personal details about his career, mentioning his work at the White Sands Missile Range in the 1950s and his telescope development. In part, "I developed the long focal length tracking telescope...then later, designed the IGOR...for recording very rapid altitude and event phenomena." He signs his name "Clyde W. Tombaugh." Although Tombaugh is best known for discovering the dwarf planet Pluto in 1930, the first object to be discovered in what would later be identified as the Kuiper belt, Tombaugh also discovered many asteroids; he also called for the serious scientific research of unidentified flying objects, or "U.F.O.s". He began designing and building telescopes at a young age and his detailed drawings of the planets based on his observations got him a job offer from the Lowell Observatory in his early 20s, although his family's poverty had prevented him from attending college. Included with the handwritten letter signed by Tombaugh is a letter from Muller to Tombaugh, return envelope, and numerous articles relating to Tombaugh. The letter and accompanying paperwork is in very good condition.

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