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Ronald Reagan writes, "My sponsor got into the act and is sending me on to Washington."

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Ronald Reagan

40th President of the United States. 1 pg TLS signed "Ronnie" to his childhood friend, Mrs. Francis Welch. Dated February 9, 1965 on his personal stationary. Reagan writes: "I have been holding your letter hoping that in some way I could tie a trip out of the city while I was in Chicago. Unfortunately my sponsor got into the act and is sending me on to Washington, so I can't make any side visits. I cam going to hold your card though, in case something else comes up later on making it possible to do as you suggested. Incidentally I remember you more than slightly, and recall a very faithful swimming student. I hope it will be possible to cross paths again. Best Regards. Sincerely" and he signs "Ronnie." This letter catches Ronald Reagan at a pivotal point in his career, when he was in the transition from actor to politician. In 1964, Ronald Reagan made his national political debut in a much-lauded speech for Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign, and instantly became a favorite of the Republican party. In 1965, the year this letter was written, Reagan was still actively pursuing his acting career, with a part in the television western Death Valley Days. But as this letter makes clear, his political life was growing by leaps and bounds. Death Valley Days would prove to be Reagan's last acting part, and in 1966 he became governor of California, holding the position for two terms before moving on to two terms as President of the United States. Reagan first became acquainted with the recipient of our letter when he was nine years old and moved to Dixon, Illinois. They continued an intermittent correspondence that spanned decades, and is included in part in "Reagan: A Life in Letters" edited by Skinner et. al. The recipient of this letter would also orchestrate Reagan's appearance at the Women's Republican Club of DeKalb County this same year. Original fold lines. In fine condition.

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