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Original 1934 Newspaper -- Baby Face Nelson is Killed in Shootout and the FBI Hunts for his Young Widow

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George [Baby Face] Nelson

November 30, 1934 edition of the "Boston Evening Transcript" with front page article on the shootout that killed George "Baby Face" Nelson (real name was Lester Joseph Gillis). Nelson was a bank robber and murderer in the 1930s, known as Baby Face due to his youthful appearance and small stature. Nelson was a part of the notorious Dillinger gang. After a massive police hunt had resulted in the killing of John Dillinger, only a few months ago, Nelson and the rest of the gang were labeled "Public Enemy Number One." As an outlaw, Nelson was responsible for the murder of several people, and has the dubious distinction of having killed more FBI agents in the line of duty than any other person. Nelson was shot by FBI agents and died after a shootout called "The Battle of Barrington" which is the subject of this article. The title of this article, "No Quarter to Young Widow of "Baby Face"" comes from the wording of an order from J. Edgar Hoover, ("...find the woman and give her no quarter"), which was widely interpreted to mean that the FBI had issued a "death order" for Nelson's widow, who wandered the streets of Chicago as a fugitive for several days, described in print as America's first female "public enemy". This front page newspaper article, which is so long it continues onto page two, reads in part, "...Federal agents today as they hunted Mr.s Helen Gillis, diminuative widow of George ("Baby Face") Nelson, leader of the rapidly diminishing remnants of the gang of the late John Dillinger...County and city police hoped to bring to justice John Hamilton, believed to have been with her and Nelson when a machine-gun battle at Barrington in which Inspector Samuel P. Cowley and Special Agent Herman E. Hollis perished in the Government's drive against the nation's public enemies." And, "Government agents stood guard at the morgue, where Nelson's body lay on the same slab that recently held John Dillinger..." And "Federal Agents believe Mrs. Nelson loaded guns for the outlaws in the fight with Cowley and Hollis." Scattered foxing and tears, with minor paper loss around the edges. Overall in very good condition.

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