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Set of 2, Photographs of Egyptian Pyramids with Men on Camels and Cosmi Sebah, Circa 1890s

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Item Number: 14111
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Set of two vintage Albumen photographs 8 1/4" X 10-1/2", 8.25" x 10.5" made in the 1800s. Unmounted. First photo shows a view of the Pyramids with a foreground of Palm Trees and Native men on Camels. The Sphinx can be seen in the distance. Etched into the lower left of the photograph are the words, "Palmiers & Pyramides vue Generale 494" and in the lower right, the photographer's mark, "JP Sebah." Very clean condition with a few small flaws in the emulsion. Pascal S├ębah opened his photography studio in Istanbul in 1857 and by 1873 was successful enough to open another studio in Cairo. After he died in 1886, the studio was managed by his brother Cosmi until Pascal's son, Jean, joined him in 1888. Due to the mark, this is most likely a photograph by Jean Pascal Sebah. An excellent example. Second photo captures a scene on the Nile in Egypt with pyramids in the background by Cosmi Sebah. The photographer's signature in the negative lower right recto. Several minor scattered imperfections including a waviness throughout. Overall condition is good.

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