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Large 19th Century Photograph of the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

Category: photo19
Item Number: 13937
Price: $125


10-1/2"x14" mounted on heavy cardboard to an overall size of 14"x20". A pastoral scene, with olive trees in foreground, rolling hills in middle, and the city of Jerusalem spread across the distance. Moderate warping and light color shift to cardboard, but photograph itself is in fine condition. Identified within bottom center of photo, "Jerusalem. (from Mt. of Olives.) <260> Jerusalem, (du Mont de Oliviers.)" and a logo appears in the lower right hand corner in the trunk of an olive tree "American Colony, Jerusalem." Another image of the same size and condition is on the verso, showing a different view of the Mount of Olives. In this image, a hill rises up in the distance, with olive trees and a few buildings strewn about between a maze of intersecting roads. Labeled in the bottom center of the photo "Mount Olivet." The logo "American Colony Jerusalem" appears in the lower left.

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