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John F. Kennedy Assassination Telegram

Category: Presidents
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John F Kennedy

Popular U.S. President. Two-Way Telegram in the wake of his assassination. 1pp. 8 1/2" x 17". Unusual and interesting wire type two-way telegram from the French Line ship while on the ocean. Details a conversation between the ship and a relative in the United States moments after President Kennedy was shot November 22 1963. Unlike wire service reports that are one way communication, this is a two way communication and conversation. The communication from the ship being "Can you give us any information about what happened to the President is it true or just some kind of not too bright joke" The telegram goes on to say "No joke But no details yet... Just after he left downtown on way to luncheon my mother called at the same moment ..... " Later on, the correspondent on land writes "Now this is what I've gleaned. The President in hospital with three gunshot wounds Governor Connally shot No idea whether fatal or not...I thought it was both Johnson and Kennedy but apparently Johnson ok No idea who did it...." A total of seven paragraphs. Ends with "Keep fingers crossed" Good condition with expected fading for a telegram, som stains and fold lines. This original document shows the confusion, amazement, disbelief of Americans throughout the world.

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