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Malcolm X Describes his Tactics for Supremacy to the Nation of Islam

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Malcolm X

Malcolm X was a spokesman of the controversial Nation of Islam movement, led by Elijah Muhammad, during the 1950s and 1960s. A gifted writer and speaker, he quickly rose to prominence, even eclipsing his mentor Muhammad, until he broke with the group, disavowed their message of violence, and was assasinated by three of its members in 1965. Handwritten manuscript, in the hand of Malcolm X, appear to be the notes of Malcolm X for a speech during his tenure with the Nation of Islam. One page, unsigned, in red ink. Malcolm X writes in his hand, in fiery red: "No one knows white man better than servant, there the Black Man's powers. Sees W[hite] M[an] eat, sleep, knows his habits, his children, etc." FBI has ... info available to journalists.. Minister R.T. (Oakland) was 70 years old when became Muslim... Slave name was Ashford. Now 77 years old." . [He then lists a few names of Masons from Chicago and then adds:] "Whites can't attack Muhammad, but do put words into the mouths of Negroes dependent on them. Jew will not attack a Negro, but will use another Negro to put his program over. Jew has mastered the art of divide and conquer. He never shows his hand. Ideas planted at the dinner table..." Great content. Fine condition.

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