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Rodin Letter to One of the Great Composers of the Belle Epoque

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Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). French sculptor, famous for the Thinker. Regarded during his life to be the successor of the great sculptor Michelangelo. Considered the father of modern sculpture, Rodin combined classical tradition with emerging modernism, in highly expressive works of primarily clay and bronze. Departing from centuries of tradition, Rodin rejected idealized Greek forms and the decorativeness of the Baroque. Instead, he developed a studied naturalism from focus on texture and movement. Rodin writes to Charles Gounod (1816-1893), a French composer, most famous for his "Ave Maria," as well as his operas Faust and Romeo et Juliette. Addressing Gounod, Rodin writes in French: "My Dear Gounod, I knew that it was on the 20th and I thought the 20th was Thursday. Friendship/ Rodin I send you the enclosed card to prove my truthfulness." A wonderful Belle Epoque piece showing the friendship between two masters of the period. Letters between two persons of note are very rare.

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