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Winston Churchill Emphasizes the Importance of Friendship Between the United States and Britain and would go on to Foment the Partnership of the English-speaking World

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Winston Churchill

Prime Minister of England during World War II. Typed statement, signed "Winston S. Churchill," one page, 7.25 x 9.5, dated February 1957. Having led his nation through the perils of World War II, Churchill watched as an expansive arms race grew during the Cold War, once again threatening the peace of the world. Churchill had been one of the first to understand that a partnership was the only way for the United States and Britain to defeat Hitler. Churchill was in a special position to understand trans-Atlantic relations, as his father was a member of the noble Spencer family and his mother was an American, born in New York. He was granted honorary citizenship of the United States in 1963. Just a month before writing this letter, the former prime minister gave a speech in which he emphasized his belief that world peace depended on a strong friendship between England and the United States, and hoped that his legacy would include having achieved as much for peace as he had gained in war. This letter has great historical content on a topic near and dear to Churchill's heart, the partnership of the English-speaking world. For the first time ever, the British celebrated George Washington's birthday in style in 1957, for the benefit of the English-Speaking Union, an international educational charity founded in 1918. Although the elderly Churchill was unable to attend, the great statesman respected the organization's worthy cause of "furthering understanding and friendship between the English-speaking peoples," something he viewed as "now more important than ever." From La Pausa, Roquebrune, Churchill issues a statement. In full: "I send the George Washington Birthday ball all good wishes for success. The cause of the English-Speaking Union's Educational Trust is a most worthy one, and its work of furthering understanding and friendship between the English-speaking peoples is now more important than ever." Small separation along one of the horizontal folds, a punch hole to top left and some scattered light creasing and soiling, otherwise fine condition.

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