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John F. Kennedy Signed Letter Mentioning his Brother Bobby and His Candidacy

Category: Presidents
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John F. Kennedy

35th US President. Restless in the House, Kennedy challenged incumbent Republican senator Henry Cabot LODGE, Jr., in 1952. Although the Republican presidential candidate, Dwight D. EISENHOWER, won in Massachusetts as well as the country as a whole, Kennedy showed his remarkable vote-getting appeal by defeating Lodge for the Senate seat. Here we find the ambitious Kennedy preparing for his candidacy. 1 page, 6" X 9" Typed Letter Signed is on "Congress of the United States - House of Representatives - Washington D.C." letterhead and is dated "July 7, 1952". Typed in blue and addressed to "Mr. Joseph Maher", Kennedy writes in part; "...My brother has informed me of your presence at the meeting held in behalf of my candidacy on Wednesday, July 2....I shall look forward to seeing you as the campaign progresses...". Signature a bit light, signed in blue ink, "John Kennedy". A great example with great content about Kennedy the congressman on his way up the political power ladder, he became at the age of 43, the youngest man and the first Roman Catholic ever elected to the presidency.

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